Re: How dangerous are sewer fumes?
Posted by Vince on June 13, 2004 at 14:02:29:
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You are usually looking at methane and hydrogen sulphide (sulfide) gases as the main culprits with sewer gas.

Hydrogen sulfide has a rotted egg smell which you can normally detect just long enough to realize there is a smell, but it will quickly burn out the sensors in your nose and you think the problem is gone, but it is still there. It is heavier than air so it sinks to the lowest level. This is why many unskilled workers are killed each year in confined spaces.

Methane has an exposive level which has it's own set of unique problems. It's lighter than air so smothering is not an issue like H2S exposure.

To actually solve this problem, you really need a gas detector that measures these gases. You have several options, buy your own...contaact a mechanical contractor that has this equipment...or contact the fire department / health department and explain your situation.

I will not even go into the mold situation that you most likely have as that is a different problem, and you would have to take part of a wall out.

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