How dangerous are sewer fumes?
Posted by Katherine on June 13, 2004 at 13:36:24:
We recently had a terrible smell of rotten broccoli/cabbage/etc. fill our entire house (700 sq feet rural rental). At first we thought it was the trash and we cleaned out under the sink and the smell seemed to subside. The temp dropped and every night it would start up again - gagging, strong smell of rot coming from the kitchen sink area. I could not even be in the kitchen, I had to tie a hankerchief around my face. We called our landlords because we were unable to locate the problem. They found a break in the cleanout pipe and said sewer fumes were leaking out. They didn't tell us what they did to fix it, but I think they applied ABS glue. I can still smell some icky faint smell under the sink, but thought maybe it's residual and needs to air out?

I am not sure how long we were exposed to this but I remember that ever since we moved in here a year ago I have smelled a faint yucky smell under the sink. I need to know what the gases are that were being emitted because I am two months pregnant and I have been extrememly fatigued and nauseas and low appetite, all things you would attribute to pregnancy. However, as soon as the pipe was fixed, I woke up the next morning and had no nausea, I had energy, I had an appetite...and it has been that way ever since, making me wonder if I was not depleted of oxygen. Addionally my daughter is now sick with congestion that started with hoarse voice with mucos and croup like cough. No one else is sick like that around her and she is not in school. I have done some online research and found that hydrogen sulfide can cause all these symptoms that we both were experiencing. I need to tell my doctor but I am unsure what exactly I was exposed to.

Can anyone help?

Thank you so much! Katherine

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