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Posted by Hube on June 13, 2004 at 11:35:41:
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: I have a two pipe (deep) jet pump water system that has lost its ability to reach a reasonable high pressure (it kicks in at 20 psi and I've had to drop it down, gradually over several years, to 28 psi to keep it from constantly running). The pressure tank was tested/reset when I first noticed the problem but it didn't seem to help (it hasn't been tested recently). The pump is clearly old and I want to replace it, whether or not it is the primary problem.

: My plan would be to install the pump and then bring in my plumber to reset the pressure tank and/or tweak the system back to proper specifications. Is this a reasonable approach?. Are there any particular tricks to priming the pump and getting the system to restart? In other words, given that I'm a decent mechanic but a novice plumber, is this a brilliant plan or prelude to a multi-part situation comedy/slash soap opera.

: Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Scott, I am confused as to your posting " it kicks in at 20, and i've had to drop it down to 28..(typo?) This don't make any sense!. Are you trying to have a 20/40 on-off cycle? If so, then the pressure tank (when empty of water) should be 2 psi below your cut-in setting. (18). If you decide to have a 30/50 setting, then the tank pressure should be 28 (when empty of water)> Also, make sure there are no leaks in the lines.... post back with any additional info and i'm sure others will give advice. Hube

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