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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on June 12, 2004 at 18:48:51:
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: Hi again.

: I noticed on a set of specifications 'Yellow Brass'

: What is Yellow brass exactly?

: Can you please give me the pro's and con's of using it.

: Is there other forms of plumbing brass I should know about.

: Thank you again . Henry

As Jimbo stated Yellow brass is 40% zinc 60% copper and Red Brass is 85 copper and 15% zinc

There are no pro's using yellow brass unless your figuring less copper to save a few dollars.

The con is Yellow brass becomes very brittle on hot water lines and on cold water lines one would get de-zinicification where the piping becomes extremely soft and the threads snap off worse then galvanized piping.

When mixing metals to make an alloy certain reactions happen.

For example using RED Brass or copper or Bronze or Muntz metal mixed with "galvanized piping" you would get an electrolytic action where dissimilar metals eat each other up

If one, mixed copper and zinc in proper amounts you get Red Brass or Bronze copper / tin or any combination alloys.

Personally if your looking for a really top notch job using "brass" try the following as I have used it several times with amazing success.

Buy red brass piping and T. P (Threadless Pipe Copper) and ream the brass and silver braze the joints with a silver bearing alloy having a melting point over 1,000 Deg F.

The Tensile strength of these joints would exceed 87,000 PSI (look into the AWS manual)

Do not thread the ends of the schedule 40 pipe braze the fittings on.

If you want exact specification of the brazing alloy E mail me as many are self fluxing on copper BUT you need a high temperature brazing flux to work with at these higher temperatures.

Hope this helps

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