Hansgrohe Shower Thermal Mixer
Posted by Mark on June 12, 2004 at 12:17:19:
Hi Again:

We recently went through a remodel and had all of the shower fixtures upgraded. We discovered, before the stone was placed on the walls, that all of the showers were plumbed improperly by the plumber. Each shower has a head and hand shower with diverter, therm valve and volume control. We discovered the error, obtained diagrams for the plumber and had him redo his work.

All seemed fine until we finally made the move back into the master bath. During the first shower, we found that we had either all hot or all cold water. No mixture. We called them to come out but they will not return the phone call. Unfortunately for us, we remodeled under a lumpsum contract and it seems that the contractor hired someone that does not even have their name in the phonebook. Our mistake.

I was wondering if it is something I can fix or should I be calling out another plumber to redo the work. Was not sure if this was plumbing or simply a piece that needed to be removed to allow water to flow across to be mixed.

Thanks in advance,


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