Re: Copper vs. Aquapex
Posted by Gary Slusser on June 11, 2004 at 23:30:11:
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All plumbers of whatever rank should know much more than they currently do about water quality issues that effect copper and/or other metals used for potable water plumbing. There are many things routinely found in potable water that negatively effect copper than just the pH of a water. Until plumbers learn more about the issues, they don't "Protect The Health Of The World.". Excessive copper and small amounts of lead from potable water plumbing are serious health problems.

As to copper tubing and no bacterial growth in it when used for potable water use, more reading is in order in that regard. Copper and stainless steel use for food prep etc. does not do as much for me as the use of only plastics for medicine production, storage, distribution and application. In the health care industry tubing and all other uses where the highest quality is an absolute necessity copper is not used because of its contaminating abilities.

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