Re: Inspector Asks for AAV instead of Loop Vent
Posted by Terry Love on June 10, 2004 at 17:03:04:
In response to Re: Inspector Asks for AAV instead of Loop Vent
First choice is always to vent through the roof.

If that can't be done, then I like the island vent (loop vent) These are installed with cleanouts in case there are problems later on.
I've used them with success in homes I've lived in. Unless you have a line that is backing up, there shouldn't be an issue. If it does back up, then you have the cleanouts to make sure the waste and vent portions are clear.
There are plenty in the Seattle area alive and working at this time.

Depiction of valve with air flowing into plumbing system.

Next in line, would be the AAV.
It's a mechanical device and can't be used for all things.
It will prevent the p-trap from siphoning.
It will not work well in a positive pressure situation.
These are always installed where they can be replaced if needed.

Terry Love

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