Re: copper re-pipe/slab leak
Posted by Anna Salvesen on June 10, 2004 at 14:14:14:
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Q:8 year old house / wet carpet in several rooms / concrete slab is corroding the pipes. 1. Does this seem correct? 2. Do we have any recourse against a possibly inept builder?

A: Our 20-25 year old San Diego County neighborhood is riddled with this problem. Copper pipes are laid on soil and concrete slab is poured over. The soil compsition, moisture, and expansion of the hot water lines weaken and errode the copper, creating pinhole leaks which soak the underlying soil and wick up through the concrete, especially at any slab cracks. Homeowner insurance usually pays for restoring the damage, but try to get them to reroute water supply lines above the slab to avoid future slab leaks. We had a leak last fall and at our own expense rerouted all the supply lines out of the slab because of so many neighbors having new leaks 1-2 years later in new locations. Didn't make sense to jackhammer the slab and fix the leak. Fixing the drywall is less bothersome than replacing new flooring over an over again, etc.

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