Need your opinion on my layout
Posted by Dave on June 10, 2004 at 13:57:31:
I'll try reposting this since I didn't get any responses last time.

As a little background, I'm a relatively handy guy, working with my dad who's been doing home improvements professionally (including some light plumbing) for 10years or so. I'm laying out a new master bath on the 2nd floor of our 90 year old house. We will be adding a new stack which will tie into the existing in the basement, but the new stack will be in the corner of the new bath. This leads to the problem. I would like to locate the toilet as close as possible to the corner with the stack so I don't have to run 3" drains through the 2x8 joists.
This means running the drain horizontally under the floor, behind the toilet. See this link for a picture:

Problem is the toilet drain will have to join to the horizontal drain and wet vent (serving the tub and shower). Is it acceptable for the toilet to join the main stack in a horizontal wye with a wet vent serving the tub, shower, and lavatory? I haven't drawn in the lavatory drain yet, but it would probably tie in with the tub drain. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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