Re: How to Cap a 1/4" copper tube? HELP!!!!
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on June 10, 2004 at 13:35:25:
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: Hi all,

: Here's the situation. We bought a fixer upper that hadn't been lived in for a couple of years. We were left with a very coroded, very moldy central humidifier that we took out for obvious reasons. The water connection is a 1/4" copper tube. We want to cap this to stop the flow of water. There is a valve to tubing in the celing, but the valve is broken and won't turn off. We can't replace it because we can't get to it; in fact we can barely even reach the valve handle, let alone see it! Therefore our only option is to cap the 1/4 inch tube but they don't make caps for that small of tubing? What do we do? Right now we are wasting water by having it just drip into a bucket! Thanks so much :)

: Shelley

Hey Shelly,

Too bad you cannot just cut out the existing garbage piercing valve and use a coupling to make a correct repair.

With that said you can shut the water supply and cut the tubing as close as possible to the source and cut the tubing with a small tubing cutter THEN get a compression x male adapter and a brass cap 1/4 and this way your not using an open flame where it is hard to solder.

One more point you want to get as close to the actual supply as possible as leaving a dead line there is always a slight possibility of having a breeding place for bacteria as one cannot depend on cavitation to keep this "dead end" clean.

Unlike an air chamber that has provisions for replenishing the air that gets absorbed into the system.

You should know the existing piercing valve will be another source of a leak and this is just a stop gap approach

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