How to Cap a 1/4" copper tube? HELP!!!!
Posted by Shelley on June 10, 2004 at 11:38:35:
Hi all,

Here's the situation. We bought a fixer upper that hadn't been lived in for a couple of years. We were left with a very coroded, very moldy central humidifier that we took out for obvious reasons. The water connection is a 1/4" copper tube. We want to cap this to stop the flow of water. There is a valve to tubing in the celing, but the valve is broken and won't turn off. We can't replace it because we can't get to it; in fact we can barely even reach the valve handle, let alone see it! Therefore our only option is to cap the 1/4 inch tube but they don't make caps for that small of tubing? What do we do? Right now we are wasting water by having it just drip into a bucket! Thanks so much :)


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