Re: Copper vs. Aquapex
Posted by Gary Slusser on June 10, 2004 at 09:59:14:
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: I have the option of puting copper or pex in my house. Cost and installation aside, which would be better and more durable in the long run? The thing that concerns me is that in the directions it says "...can reduce the risk of kinking." Also, I really don't understand the joints. I know a solder joint is very strong. Thank you very much.

IMO the choice of material should be dictated by the quality of the water to be run through it now and into the distant future. Copper is attacked by various water quality issues and PEX isn't.

There are different types of fittings for the different manufacturers of PEX. Soldered fittings on cars and trucks etc. went bye bye as soon as crimped and twist type fittings were invented.

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