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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on June 09, 2004 at 11:58:50:
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: : I am with a Forensic Engineering Firm. We are investigating a failed check valve. The one in
: : question is a CheckMate CV-200 by Liberty Pumps. I need a similar valve to disassemble. This
: : valve has a yellow sticker and is round with a glued together body. Does anyone have one in
: : stock or know where one is installed. If it is currently installed, arrangements can be made for
: : replacement with a newer model.
: : Paul Christensen, PE
: : 509-547-2679
: :

: I know Sylvan is an expert witness for several NYC law firms and he does product liability cases, try contacting him directly.

Thank you so much Jason for the recommendation.

BUT once someone is asking for a sample check valve it seems to me that there are fishing for a possibility product liability lawsuit.

Before I would even get involved I would ask who the installer was how much "formal" training they had and if anyone bothered to look at the pump curves, Total Discharge Head (TDH)

Before I looked at the CV I would ask was this "pump" a centrifugal, rotary or reciprocating?

If this was a centrifugal "pump" was it horizontal or vertical

If it's a Rotary "pump" is it a vane, gear, piston, lobe progressing cavity, peristaltic or screw type?

There is no one pump/check valve that fits all applications.

Before I take on a case (lawsuit) I like to know before hand I am going to win by knowing all the facts not just one aspect like a check valve.

One has to take into consideration the job conditions and age of the installation.

Many times it is is human error not so much the product.

Price dictates some jobs not quality like the installers of AAV and wet venting.

I cant wait to jump on a law suit where an AAV was used and someone ends up with breathing problems.

Installers of the materials not suited for the actual job are the guilty ones and thus they should be hung out to dry not the maufacturer.

Like the guy who puts a snow plow on a motorcycle.

Should the snow plow or motor cycle maker be responsible?

Same with a "Check valve"

Sylvan, certified stationary engineer, LMP / LMFSPC / LPBI / installer /certified medical gas installer /etc.etc. etc.

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