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Posted by Gary Slusser on June 09, 2004 at 11:20:56:
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: My 10 year old Gould submersible pump died in 1999. My well is 275'deep. At the same time, 1/4 mile below me the County Water Dept. drilled a new well 800' deep as a back-up sevice. A few neighbors claimed this caused their wells to dry up.
: I've pulled up my old pump. Org. depth of well is 275'. I have water at 237'. 3 different well drilling co. have told me its aa 50% chance that if I install the new pump/pipes, etc., it would suck-up all the water and leave me with a dry hole. Wells of other neighbors are working fine. Am 65 yrs old and only income is Social Security. USDA Rural Housing will pay for fixing my well if they believe it will work, however, they are withholding the funds until sure. Meanwhile, I have not had water since 1999. HELP

If the well went dry due to the new well they drilled, they usually have to make things right. At least here it works that way. My suggestion is to find a pump guy or well driller that will take a used pump and replace yours with it and see if the well produces any more water than you currently have. I have a number of used pumps or combinations of motors and wet ends that were working when replaced that I could donate to someone. And I would accept payment over time for the cost of the work to replace your pump. So call drillers and pump guys and explain as you did here and then ask them to help you with a used pump, someone locally will help if you ask for it. If the used pump and well provide water, then go after the government folks for a new pump. I'd suggest telling them this is wwhat you're doing to prove the well is good or not.

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