Re: No leaks around the flange though
Posted by Jim Hahn on June 09, 2004 at 09:58:12:
In response to Re: No leaks around the flange though
I had one of these pin hole leaks too. Before
we knew what it really was, the pin hole leak
was just a theory. We removed the toilet bowl
and turned it upside down and dried it. There
is a small channel between the bottom of the
bowl and the drain hole area. We speculated
there was a pin hole allowing the bowl to drain.

To test the theory, we plugged the channel up
with silicone caulk. Yes, do this while the
toilet is upside down. Let dry and reinstall.
No problem.

Kohler and others seem to have this little
channel. I don't know it's purpose. Kohler
replaced the toilet, even out of warrantee.
But the fix worked so well, I never took the
energy to actually put in the new toilet.

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