Bathroom shower stall - lift pump or a better way (without breaking concrete)?
Posted by gus on June 08, 2004 at 15:20:18:
I have a basement that only has a toilet and utility sink. I want to place a shower stall in the bathroom, but how can I drain it without breaking into the floor? I live in a flood plain area of michigan and have had water problems in the basement so I don't want to give it another way to get in. I was told I can use a lift pump. I don't know how they work or if there is a better way. Essentially, I want to put a fiberglass shower in the room, and run pvc piping to somewhere. The sink nearby does have pvc running to the floor, but I don't think it would be large enough diameter to handle the shower capacity (plus the fact that it would be above the height of the floor). Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions or warnings or words of wisdom.