Kitchen faucet repair
Posted by Jim Ramsay on June 08, 2004 at 12:02:54:
Terry, I am readying our townhouse at Fairweather for a buyer's inspection tomorrow and have a problem with the kitchen faucet where the faucet is very stiff and difficult to swivel from side to side. It is Swiss KWC and I am hesitant to take it apart without knowing a little more than I do and whether parts are available. It has the following numbers on the valve assembly A112.18.1M. There is so little space under the faucet it looks like the sink may need to be removed to get the faucet out. Maybe there is a special tool to get the lower nut off? Any advice and/or if you are in the Redmond area could you take a look at it? Thanks. Jim Ramsay

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