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Posted by Gerre on June 04, 2004 at 17:25:04:
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: : I have posted here before and I have check all possibilites that you gave me. Last night for the first time I think I realized it is coming from when the air conditioning or heat is turning on. Is it possible that the sewer gas is escaping into my attic or duct work? It blows right down in the corner of my bedroom I smell it in. Where do I begin to check. I have done the peppermint test and nothing came through. I did all 5 pipe vents. Thanks in advance! Gerre

: Double check you have enough free air for combustion or enough (10%) outside air for make up.

: If some idiot was stupid enough to have installed a garbage AAV and your unit is starving for "air" It may be drawing air from a BBC installation.

: Only where the money can buy code officials that allow AAV to be used installed rather then safer healthier venting practices.

: Also look for return air vents and their location as to vent terminals or floor drains etc.

: Check your filters and drain pain and possibly flush out the condensate pan if applicable and make sure even if the condensate line is properly installed indirect flush out the trap with fresh water

Thank you to all that have posted and I am going to check on all information given. I have add to different companies out to my house and they just scratch there head. I have gotten so much more from this site and wanted to say a big "Thank you"

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