Dissatisfied Tessera customer
Posted by Fred on June 03, 2004 at 12:36:14:
I purchased two toilets a few years ago, a Tessera and a Toto Drake. I purchased the Tessera for off-the-floor aesthetic reasons, placing it in a bathroom/laundry combination on the main floor of the house. It is installed between a shower and a vanity, in a rather tight space but it looks good. If it only worked as well as it looks I would be happy.

The Toto Drake has never had a double flush nor a clogged waste flush. In addition, it keeps its bowl clean, never leaving waste streaks on the ceramic. It never splashes outside the bowl for any flush. It is extremely quiet in operation.

The Tessera, on the other hand, at twice the cost, is a poor toilet in comparison. It has waste clogs frequently. I have to use the plunger to clear many clogs. It often requires double or several more flushes to dispose of waste, negating the 1.6l per flush water saving. But even worse, the flushing action regularly splashes outside the bowl fouling the sides of the vanity and the shower glass on both sides of the bowl. Even if the lid on the toilet seat is kept closed the splash back escapes through the gaps created by the seat standoffs. When the seat cover is kept down, mould grows on the back of the toilet seat and cover underside. It does not keep its ceramic bowl clean like the Toto Drake does. All in all, I have been most dissatisfied with the performance and engineering of the Tessera. It certainly is not worth it's price. When I purchased the Tessera, I thought that I was buying superior European design, performance and engineering that has had water-saving toilets for years. Sadly, that has not been my experience with the Geberit Tessera.

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