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Posted by e-plumber on June 03, 2004 at 09:06:59:
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: I have posted here before and I have check all possibilites that you gave me. Last night for the first time I think I realized it is coming from when the air conditioning or heat is turning on. Is it possible that the sewer gas is escaping into my attic or duct work? It blows right down in the corner of my bedroom I smell it in. Where do I begin to check. I have done the peppermint test and nothing came through. I did all 5 pipe vents. Thanks in advance! Gerre

If the HVAC unit is in the attic, it may be drawing in an odor that is present in the attic area, although a properly performed peppermint test should have revealed a possible defect in the drainage/venting system, a smoke test may be needed.
One Possibility:
I have had several customers over the years that thought they had a "sewer gas" odor, it was actually rodents that died and were decomposing in the HVAC ducts, (mice, squirrels, rats, etc.), if this is the case the good news is that the odor will dissipate over time when the decomposition process ends if the exact location of the dead animal cannot be found.

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