Toilet Rough-In Problem
Posted by dopey915 on June 02, 2004 at 16:47:59:
The builder installed a toilet roughin in a concrete slab. I chipped out the slab to expose the roughin (knowing the location). What I found is a vertical 4" pvc pipe fitted into the closet bend. Inserted inside the 4"pvc is a 3" cap. The 4" pvc only protruded about 2 1/2" above the closet bend. I was not able to remove the cap easily, and it now appears that it was glued in. I cut off the 4" pvc and cap just enough to eliminate the rounded portion of the cap. I can see now that the bottom of the cap is at the same depth as the 4" pvc, which is correctly fitted into the closet bend. Here's the question: can I insert a 3" pvc inside the remaining sleeve of the cap (a 3" pipe fits properly inside) and then attach the flange to the 3" pvc? Or do I have to remove the closet bend and start from there?

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