Frost-Free Faucet - Replacement Problems
Posted by Jeff on May 31, 2004 at 22:43:59:
I just replaced a frost-free anti-siphon faucet today which required replacing a few pieces of cpvc pipe inside my house. When I turned the water back on I had the outdoor faucet on. Once the lines were repressurized I went outside and there was water gushing out the faucet. I turned it off and later came back to try it again and nothing comes out now, not even a drop. After cementing it all back together I let it set for about 3 hours before adding water to the lines, but I'm wondering if a chunch of cement may have broke loose and clogged the faucet? Any thoughts on what could have happened or how I might fix the problem? Getting to the inside of the plumbing is a nightmare as I have to crawl inbetween floor trusses and against a lot of insulation. Thanks. ~Jeff

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