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Posted by Gary Slusser on May 31, 2004 at 13:09:50:
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: I have a clorine system install and was looking over the piping and noticed something kind of interesting, all the copperin the system is 3/4 in but in between the settling tanks and the carbon filter I have a 1/2 test tap. There is about a 1 foot section that is 1/2 in the middle of all the 3/4 pipe. Will this effect anything like pressure or water flow. I would think that the installer would have used 3/4 with a T and gone 1/2 off the T to the test tap. Next month I am having all the old copper pipe replaced in the house and I wonder if I should have them replace this little section of mismatched pipe.

: Thanks

You'll have to ask the installer/company as to their reason for doing this but... it sounds as if the installer didnt know what s/he was doing.

We water treatment guys use flow controls when needed, not undersized tubing and for a solution feeder, there is no need to control the flow. And if there were a need, the flow control wouldn't be between two "settling" tanks. Actually they are called rentention tanks which gives the required contact time for the chlorine to 'work'. BTW, if those tanks don't have a means to be drained/flushed, your carbon filter will be working overtime. Why didn't the yuse mixed bed mineral and then carbon? Or is it Centaur carbon?

I suggest replacing the piece of 1/2" line.

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