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Posted by hj on May 29, 2004 at 17:00:24:
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Connecting to a loop/yoke stack is no different than connecting to a drain stack. Neither is advisable because they would require an open drain riser beneath the countertop level which would create an "overflow" point in the event of a stoppage. An air gap on the countertop, piped directly into a trap would prevent that possibility.

: : i have remodelled my kitchen and now want to hjook the dishwasher drain directly into the main stack which is only about 4 feet from dishwasher. it was connected to the sinks about 12 feet away. Can I do this and how do I go about it. I noticed on your bulletin board Brad McMullin and Peter Welsh asked the same question sonme time ago

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: Connecting the DW drain directly to a drain stack is illegal in any plumbing code.
: I'm still trying to figure out why the DW would be 12' away from the kitchen sink...
: To properly make a drain connection, you would either need to connect it under the kitchen sink upstream of the drain trap. If that is not possible, an island drain/vent installation can be done, which is quite involved and is not a DIY project.
: Whether you need an air gap for the DW drain mounted on your countertop will depend on what your local code dictates. Here, we use the high loop drain method for residential DW's.
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