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Posted by e-plumber on May 29, 2004 at 13:46:59:
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: I also have an older Rialto that flushes better, but the finish on that one has been damaged from caked up minerals and repeated cleaning with chemicals. The inside bowl configuration on the older model is harder to clean because of that channel from the tank at the bottom of the bowl.

: On the current model Rialto, I priced out the new valve and it is about $68 plus tax and shipping. I am wondering whether this toilet is even worth all the trouble, as I have to special order this...the local Kohler supply house ( a large distributor) doesn't even have one in stock nor does Home Depot who has this s-house as a stock item.
: I am not happy with Kohler and would NEVER have purchased this if I knew a common repair part had to be special ordered at a non-competitive ridiculous price.
: Isn't there any fluidmaster type replacement simplified for these shallow 6 inch deep tanks?

: Also, are there any extensions/modifications for the overflow tube that I can retrofit to put some giddy-up on the flush with some added tank level?
: It looks like the tank could handle a bit more water than the 1.6....

Can't say from here, but the older Rialto model had a few different adjustments that would allow for an increased flush. If your Rialto has a white plastic tube that connects to the fill valve then inserts into the porcelain, the water level in the tank cannot be raised higher than this insert point or the toilet will run continuously.
P.S. A specialty plumbing replacement parts store will stock these items. Forget about HD.

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