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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on May 29, 2004 at 10:08:05:
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: I am planing to move a toilet closer to the wall it is currently 14 inches, and over about 12 inches. I have a problem with a floor joist. The joist position requires the waste pipe to be 14 inches from the wall or less than 8 inches from the wall. I am wondering if there is an offset I could use to use th 8 inch position for the waste pipe and move teh floor flange to about 10 inches from the wall. I would really like to avoid having to box around teh loist and then cut into if possible.

: Also, if such an offset exists, am I asking for draining problems by chosing to use such an offset?
: Any suggestions appreciated

Have you looked into an offset floor flange, in some states it is legal.

Have you considered a 14" rough toilet

If your material is cast iron and you use a a lead bend Lead "D" there are certain games one can play with lead piping without diminishing the internal piping like off setting the lead.

The easiest approach is the 14" rough but your liminted in colors you can get and it does cost slightly more then the standard 12"

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