Re: About to start digging cast iron sewer line up...*H*E*L*P*!
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on May 29, 2004 at 10:00:08:
In response to Re: About to start digging cast iron sewer line up...*H*E*L*P*!
: I have a 60 year old house with the old cast iron sewer pipe. I have had to have it snaked out ever 4-7 months for the past 5 years. I just kept putting off replacing it but it has now become time to bite the bullet and do it. I got an estimate of $1500, it runs about 50'. I have decided to do it myself.

If someone is that hungry and is desperate and is willing to work for less then slave wages GRAB him/her and watch them work themselves to bankruptcy.

Unless this moron is using bamboo, I find it very hard to believe someone would install a new sewer pipe for the give away price of $30 per foot.

Lets thinking about it.

License and filing fees


Piping and fittings

Payroll (even self employed)

Vehicle to get to the job site


Underground insurance for trenching and shoring if the piping is more then 31/2 feet below grade

I had a plumbing contractor quote a price on a job and I hired him right on the spot.

I pay my mechanics (non union) $35.00 in the envelope plus benefits as everyone is entitled to make a decent living if they are willing to work.

This other contractor gave me such ridiculously low ball prices I was able to DOUBLE his price to me and sub contract the work to him.

I cannot imagine installing TESTING and properly back filling and giving the proper amount of pitch and tampering the soil back to prevent sink holes for the bottom line price of $50 per ft.

I would strongly suggest you use this guy and be thankful you found him JUST make sure this person is insured and licensed.

Sometimes it is cheaper (like this case) giving it away as this person gave you a gift especially
if this job from start to finish takes 4 hours or more.

Get it in writing and remember the preparation is the key like giving the piping even cast iron a clean fill bed to rest on No rocks on back fill