About to start digging cast iron sewer line up...*H*E*L*P*!
Posted by Jerry H. on May 29, 2004 at 07:01:29:
I have a 60 year old house with the old cast iron sewer pipe. I have had to have it snaked out ever 4-7 months for the past 5 years. I just kept putting off replacing it but it has now become time to bite the bullet and do it. I got an estimate of $1500, it runs about 50'. I have decided to do it myself.

I am about to go out now and start digging it up, I have no idea what I am getting myself into as I am not a plumber. I am an Antique dealer and machinist by trade (25yrs), don't know if the machinist experience is going to help at all but I can not afford the $1500 right now.

1.)How do I cut the pipe once I have it all exposed (best tool)?
2.)What do I use to make the new connection to the old pipe?
3.)Is PVC better than going with some sort of steel/iron replacement?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!