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Posted by Bruce on May 28, 2004 at 21:01:30:
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: The reason we want to move the toilet back is to provide room for the sink. I have resigned myself to moving some pipes in the basement. The joist runs parallel to the back wall of the bathroom and is centered about 11 inches in from the back wall. So without cutting into the joist its seems I need either the 14 inch rough in I currently have or an 8" roughin which is probably too close the wall. Maybe bridging the joist is a better idea than an offset?
I assume from your comment that 15 inches from the side wall is a minimum.

: You can get a 14" toilet that will solve the moving back problem, but unless it is more than 15" from the side wall you should not move it over. And sometimes it is a lot harder to move it a little ways than it is to make a big adjustment. It depends on how the pipes are arranged.

: We are planning adding a small sink in small bathroom that currently has a toilet 14" from the wall. We want to install a new toilet nearer the wall and moved to the right. The problem is a joist below the floor limiting my ability to move the drain back to accomadate a new smaller toilet. I don't really want to box around the joist and cut into it. Are there offset flanges that would work in this case? Am I also wondering if I am asking for draining problems if I do use an offset. The toilet is on the first floor above an unfinished basement. Any comments and or suggestions appreciated.

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