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Posted by e-plumber on May 27, 2004 at 16:23:03:
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: I have very high water pressure in my house. Do I need a pressure regulating valve or a pressure reducing valve or do they do the same thing? Also, do these valves act as backflow preventers or would I need one of those as well? I also understand I need an expansion tank for my hot water heater. Does anyone have a rough idea what this might cost all together? I'm very handy when it comes to work in my house. Can any of this be done by me or do you recommend a plumber install everything?

Plumbing code here specifies that incoming water pressure should not be above 80 p.s.i. inside of a building. If it is, a water pressure regulator is required. Check with the plumbing inspector in your area to confirm what local code dictates.
In some cases, not all, an expansion tank is needed when a PRV is installed, it depends on if the PRV has a built in by-pass feature and the incoming water pressure, (from the source).
Costs can vary widely, have a licensed plumber check to see exactly what you need. Each situation is different.

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