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Posted by e-plumber on May 27, 2004 at 09:32:59:
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: A couple years back I had my modular home repiped with copper, at the same time I had a gas water heater installed.
: For quite some time now, there has been a "gurgling" and "gargling" noise coming out of the water heater right after a shower...

: It sounds like, if I just bleed off the air in the hot water tank , my problems would go away, but others have told me there maybe something else awiss........

: Do I need an expansion tank?
: Could the acitity of the water cause it to go bad in just 2 short years?

: Thank you in advancce!

: Mike

There could possibly be sediment on the bottom of your WH, try to flush the tank from the WH drain valve until the water runs clean. An indication whether or not you need an expansion tank would be a leaking relief valve on the WH. You can always test your water pressure with a gauge hooked up to a hose bibb, (garden hose threads) a normal reading would be under 80 p.s.i.
Have a licensed plumber inspect the system.

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