Re: Noises in my hot water heater!
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on May 26, 2004 at 13:47:14:
In response to Re: Noises in my hot water heater!
: My gas fired water heater is just about 2 years old, and at the time it was replaced, my whole modular home was repiped with copper...
: for quite some time now it has been "gurgling" and "gargeling" right after a shower.
: ...Could the acidity of my water cause it to be on it's way out?
: ...Do I need an expansion tank?
: I think it's just air it the tank... is there a way I could bleed it off?

: Thank you in advance!

: Mike

If it is "air" from possible minerals in the water I use a Hoffman #76 BUT I keep the water pressure below 70 PSI even though the working pressure for this air vent is around 80 As I leave room for expansion (pressure temperature relationship)

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