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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on May 25, 2004 at 16:11:15:
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: I have a 60 year old house at the bottom of a hill with very high water pressure. Water was coming out of the piping for the tpr valve on my hot water heater. I turned down the temp. and almost completely closed the main shutoff valve to slow the pressure down but I'm not sure if it was wise to do that. I've heard of pressure reducing valves, expansion tanks on the hot water heater, etc. but was wondering what is the proper fix to my high water pressure.

Partially closing a valve UNLESS you have a globe valve is a very bad idea.

if you have a gate valve your causing severe velocity problems that can cause erosion of the valve seat and disc (gate)

Globe valves are used for throttling volume NOT pressure.

Closing a gate valve part way also distorts the valve gate and puts a lot of stress on the valve stem.

On the stationary engineer test I took and passed many years ago one of the questions was about throttling valves (closing part way) and if one had put any type of valve other then a balancing / butterfly / Globe/ball or needle they would flunk right there and then.

Unfortunately many so called "plumbers" do not bother to learn the characteristics of the valves they install.

They are no better trained then the stock clerk behind a counter who sell them "one of those things to stop water"

Many piping failures are directly contributed to improper installations and especially the wrong type of valve selection.

Best bet get a pressure reducing valve on the water main to regulate the in coming pressure.

If you have any other questions please feel free to E mail me.

Remember the manufactuyrers spend millions to make all types of valves there has to be a reason as one valve does not fit all applications HUH?

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