Re: bathroom shower leak-from where?
Posted by e-plumber on May 25, 2004 at 12:08:29:
In response to Re: bathroom shower leak-from where?
: Bathroom addition has corner shower(prefab)-it leaked under the showe ronto the floor and into the wall near the floor-wall was cut behind shower head and no pipes leading to shower were leaking-pan replaced-still leaked-shower floor rebuilt and prefab floor was replaced with tile -two different projects-still leaks-doesn't leak when water is poured into drain-only when shower is flowing-no leak behind wall -only from under-how can I find the source of the leak so I can get it fixed?

It sounds like the shower faucet is the culprit if it only leaked when the faucet was turned on. If possible, open the wall directly behind the faucet.
Also, make sure all caulking is intact and the trim plate for the shower faucet is tight to the wall.

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