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Posted by Weogo Reed on May 24, 2004 at 23:34:46:
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Hi Mitch,

: We had an intermittent leak which was originally diagnosed as a pinhole leak which was sometimes plugged by debris. It turned out to be a leak in a pipe under our concrete slab.

I'm a big fan of running under-slab plumbing in chases...

: It was probably leaking for months. After location by a detection service it was repaired by re-routing through the attic. The carpeting in several rooms and hallways smelled musty and were removed by the remedidation service recommended by the insurance company. After 3 weeks of dehumidifers and fans, a calcium chloride test shows higher levels than recommended for carpeting (5 gal/day/1000 sq ft). What do we do now.

I would want to know if the soil under the slab is moist because of the leak, or has it always been wet?

Does the rest of your property have high soil moisture levels?
Does your property slope down toward your house?
Do you have gutters that dump water by the house?
Deal with these problems and possibly add a good foundation drain system.

If the moisture is just from the leak, you likely need more time with the dehumidifiers and fans.
Once the slab is reasonably dry, close off the affected rooms with plastic and hire in a commercial Ozone generator, which will kill any remaining mold. Clean the floor really well.
Put a few coats of sealer on it.
Consider putting down 1/2" sleepers with stips of 1/2" foam board between them, with plywood and carpeting over this.

: There is no evidence of mold or moisture in the baseboards. About 500 - 800 sq ft may be affected. Thanks for any ideas.

Good health, Weogo

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