Heat still on
Posted by daves on May 23, 2004 at 11:58:44:
I'll make a long story short. I am familiar with forced air heat, but my new house has a boiler for hot water and baseboard heat. The house must have been renovated because there are 2 old cast iron rads along with the new slant baseboards. I cut the theromstat off for the current hot weather, but a set of the slant rads are still fairly warm. I have given it about 3 weeks and still heat radiates from them. I traced the pipes for the slant and it comes from the right side of the boiler, attached to the hydronic expansion tank. The only other items attached to this pipe is the air vent and a part called the control valve. On the other side of the boiler is the cold water in hot water out valves and the circulation pump and radiator piping that runs to the old rads and a set of new slants that are cold. How do I stop the heat from the pipes on the right side?? Does the control valve have any thing to do with it, and if so if turn this valve will it cause problems to the boiler?
Any advise will be helpful and sorry for the long story.



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