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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on May 23, 2004 at 11:51:47:
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: Hello,

: Recently the landlord replaced my water heater. It had been working fine from my point of view before that.

: Now the hot water pressure seems about half as the cold water pressure.

: I noticed he installed a pressure regulating valve on the inlet to the water heater.

: I tried adjusting it to its maximum opening, but the hot water pressure is just too low.

: Example: During a shower, miniscule changes in the cold water faucet greatly affect the temperature of the water coming out. Also, sudden changes in the temperature happen sometimes. I assume because the pressure regulating valve is constantly adjusting. This all makes for unenjoyable showers frankly.

: I removed the pressure regulator and the problem went away. I could get even pressure on cold/hot and maintain temperature more consistently. Unfortunately the pressure relief valve of the water heater now leaks, and the pipes near the heater produce a high-pitch squeal consistently. So back the pressure valve went.

: Now I'm left to wonder if the pressure regulating valve should be installed before the water heater, before the main water diverges throught the apartment.

: I believe the plumber installed the pressure regulating valve only because the heater could not handle the pressure (i.e. noise). There was no regulating valve with the old heater. There were no problems before.

: Any ideas?

: I'm having a new GF stay here a week coming up and I don't want unpleasent shower experiences to be her excuse to sleep in a hotel :)

: Thanks,

I really do not like to install any mechanical devices like a pressure reducing device on a pressure vessel that are not absolutely necessary.

Possibly the plumber could look into an expansion tank or placing the pressure reducer on the cold water main.

Now that they have created another problem with the PRV they put you at risk of severe scolding.

To compensate for the erratic pressure fluctuations, you should inform your land lord in a letter CC his insurance company that you do not appreciate taking a shower and getting a rapid temperature drop thus you would like the added protection of a temperature/pressure balance shower body to protect you and others who may use this fixture

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