Re: main water supply
Posted by Gary Swart on May 22, 2004 at 23:28:35:
In response to Re: main water supply
Even a novice should know how to shut off their utilities in case of an emergency. Get someone to show you how and then get what tools you need. In addition, there should be a valve where the main water line enters the house so the water can be shut off without turning the valve at the meter, but you should have the tool to turn the meter line off anyway. My valve in the house broke off of the pipe once and I had no way to turn the water off at that time. A 1" copper pipe with 60 PSI can put a bunch of water in a basement in a short time. As far as turning the water main off for replacing the tub spout, that isn't necessary. The tub spout only has water in it when the faucets are on to fill the tub.

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