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Posted by e-plumber on May 22, 2004 at 22:36:52:
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: Hello:

: I'm trying to repair the hot, cold, and diverter valves on a shower/bath tub. I removed the screw holding the handle, but I couldn't pull the handle off. I purchased a 'handle puller,' but after a couple of turns it would slip off the handle. I even tried C-clamping the arms of the 'handle puuler,' but again after a couple more forceful turns, the 'handle puller came off the handle.

: I have the same problem with all three handles. Any suggestions to get the handle off of the valves. Thanks!

If the handles and stems are metal, spray WD40 inside the handle where it screws to the stem. You can try to use two pieces of wood between the back of the handle and the wall to work it off if the handle puller will not work.
If it is a common faucet; Gerber for instance, I have broken the handles off (on purpose) and replaced the stems, you can pop the broken pieces out of the the handles once they're off, or just replace the handles with new ones.

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