Extra heat
Posted by daves on May 22, 2004 at 21:50:54:
I'll try to make a long story short... I am very familiar with forced hot air heat, however my new house has an old boiler (radiator and hot water). At any rate the system is common to my understanding- cold water coming directly in for hot water and radiator water circulating with the use of a pump. The house must have been renovated (orginally built 1948), 2 old cast iron rads still exist, and the new Slant baseboard water rads were added. My problem is this- When I cut the thermostat off during the summer, one set of the new baseboards remain fairly hot. I have traced the pipes and this pipe does not come from the circulation pump side, but from the other side of the boiler which is connected to the hydronic expanison tank. I've studied the set up and besides the air vent there is a control valve (colored red) that is in line with the pipe to the hot rads. Is this a "valve" that can be closed to stop this heat during the warm months, or will shuting this valve off cause problems for the boiler. Please advise, and sorry for the long story.


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