Re: Hot water leak under / inside slab home
Posted by jimbo on May 22, 2004 at 19:21:54:
In response to Re: Hot water leak under / inside slab home
:Sylvan had the best advice ( he always does!) about getting a good local guy in. He will know about any local soil conditions which may be causing the problem. He may also be familiar with possible inadequate construction practices in the local area. Most important he will recognize what failed and what is the best repair needed.

Cutting the slab is fairly straighforward. The pipes should be at least several inches below slab so no new damage should be caused.

Here in So. Calif. there have been a lot a problems with slab leaks, and part of the reason is alkaline soil, together with sloppy construction. It is quite common to abandon the underslab pipes and repipe in the attic and walls. Your local guy can advise whether that is necessary, of if your leak is basically an isolated incident and unlikely to repeat.

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