Re: Hot water leak under / inside slab home
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on May 22, 2004 at 12:57:09:
In response to Re: Hot water leak under / inside slab home
1.) Leak detection services (so we know precisely where to excavate into the slab

1A I use a stethoscope to listen for leaks BUT because this is hot water its even easier.

All you is mop the area and look for the places that dry the fastest and that tells you HERE IS THE LEAK Or get a cat and let the cat walk around as cats love to lay in warm spots when the cat rests this is also a good indication where the "hot spot " is

2.) Removing the new vanity and new tile to expose the bare slab

2A- It is always a good idea to remove stff that may get damaged or may be in the way of work

3.) Cutting or impact chiseling into the slab to clear the repair site

3A I think using a grinder with a diamond blade is the way I would go as it is neater

4.) Plumbing a new line or repairing the leak

4A Depending what materials were used like copper is one of the easiest to repair BUT you must know for certain what caused the failure

Freezing/ Erosion /corrosion or defective materials like some of the plastic crap being used under ground

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