Hot water leak under / inside slab home
Posted by Rich Stradler on May 22, 2004 at 10:10:44:
We had noticed increased gas and water usage over the last few months combined with longer and longer spells of hot water coming out of the cold water taps in our bathrooms. Shortly after retiling our hall bath, we noticed a mysterious warm spot radiating through the floor. We have also recently been able to hear a barely audible sound of water running which stops shortly after turning off the hot water heater supply line.

My insurance company tells me that since their is "no damage" from this leak... (Hah!) I'm not covered for this repair and remediation; unless I can prove this was caused by freezing. (unlikely I'm guessing)

I'm trying to figure out how much of the work /preparitory work for the plumber I could perform myself to save money.

I have been advised that the proper steps for fixing this include all of the following:

1.) Leak detection services (so we know precisely where to excavate into the slab
2.) Removing the new vanity and new tile to expose the bare slab
3.) Cutting or impact chiseling into the slab to clear the repair site
4.) Plumbing a new line or repairing the leak

Is their anything else I should know?
I'm particularly fuzzy on the following issues...

Where is all of this water going? Is it filling some sort of a channel which was molded into the slab during construction, or are the pipes under the slab and the water is draining into the ground?

How much concrete is over the pipes here in eastern Pennsylvania? Isn't there a strong risk of creating even more damage to the pipes while busting away at the slab?

Will repairing the pipe be an adequate fix, or should the entire pipe be replaced?

Thanks in advance for any and all advice for this trying problem.

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