Trouble removing tub spout
Posted by Patricia on May 22, 2004 at 05:12:12:
I'm trying to remove a tub spout and have read all about allen screws on a slip-fit vs turning counter-clockwise on a threaded spout. Unfortunately I did so after I already attempted (and succeeded) to turn the spout counter-clockwise using a screwdriver in the spout mouth.

It just spins around, not pulling away from the wall. I checked underneath and there's a tiny hole under the spout right up against the wall. No visible allen screw and fishing around inside it with allen wrenches of several sizes has not led me to find any screw in there. (Would it be possible for the screw to be turned out of the way, barring access from the hole?)

How can I get this dang thing off? The one-piece shower control says Price Pfister, but I'm not certain whether the spout also is.

Thank you in advance. I've been wrestling with this spout for 2 days now.

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