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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on May 21, 2004 at 18:00:08:
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: I'm building a house and I have purchased Price Pfister Treviso faucets. They look good but there is a quick connect system that relys on O-rings which makes me wonder about reliability. Does anyone know of any problems with this faucet or with Price Pfister faucets in general?

.One of the members on my plumbing discussion group gave me a faucet to install and see if I like it.

He is with PF

In all honesty I am known for tearing products apart and knocking the quality BUT I was pleasantly surprised at the value Price Pfister offered. Black and Decker did a decent job making these faucets and their warrantee is one of the best.

One of my accounts had a PF installed years ago by someone else and it was leaking. I called the 800 number gave them the model number with in a few days FREE replacement parts were sent BUT they still had to pay for my labor of course.

Great company to deal with. I am impressed how they stand behind their products

I can give you horror stories on some of the "high end" products costing hundreds more that are failing and the company could careless.

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