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It sounds like you are an "expert witness" for the defendents in Workman's Compensation fraud trials, since you seem to know what to tell the "injured party" what to say in order to get his "just compensation". You would probably fit right in in California because that is a big time business there, and you could make a fortune as an "expert witness".

: : : Author: drainpatrolrookie (CA)

: : :
: : : Hi, i am in training as we speak for a company, and i was wondering if any other plumbers would give me advice or some trade secreates to help me out. they said after 4 weeks they will be sending me out on just snaking jobs and basic things like new toilets and sinks and stuff.
: Four weeks and some idiot is sending you out to dabble in drain cleaning.

: You should know a real "plumbing" apprenticeship takes (5 years) 10,000 hours OJT and 744 hours class room studies.

: Some franchise bums "train" drain cleaners in 4 weeks and plumbers in 6 weeks.

: I would imagine the crash courses they are offer are as good the UA training, if not at least it is cheaper.

: A "plumber" requires a license in most civilized countries and every State possibly with the exception of California as ANY ONE can do plumbing there up to $500 so in reality you do a job stop @ $495. Get paid and start over.... Got to love the red nose Feinstein State.

: IT is not called the left coast state for nothing

: To beat the licensing laws low life stumblebums put "piping & heating" or Mechanical and drain cleaning and never tell the truth as it is not in their best interests to be honest.

: For example if I wanted an electrician I would look up "electrician"

: If I wanted a plumber I would look up plumber and a painter or carpenter the same look up the trade your after.

: Now we have a new worm called "tech."

: Is this tech a copy machine tech or an electronic tech or possibly a medical tech WHICH tech do we find in the yellow pages as TECH? A real catch al term that says nothing

: I guess your employer did explain the risks involved in sewer/drain cleaning like exposure to all kinds of carcinogenic fumes and how to protect yourself from water bone disease's like

: Hepatitis A Which is an acute usually benign hepatitis caused by a picornavirus (genus Hepatovirus) that does not persist in the blood serum and is transmitted especially in food and water contaminated with infected fecal matter; <<< SEE your Bread and Butter this is also called also infectious hepatitis <<<: -B hepatitis and hepatitis C and don't forget the old standby AIDS and Methane and all kids of great fumes and bacteria some of which are linked to liver and brain cancers

: In 4 weeks, I know you had to be properly trained in the safe handling of cables and water jetting equipment of course no one would dare risk your health and welfare by not adequately training you

: I would suggest you go out work a few days and then call a lawyer saying your having burning in your lungs and your eyes are blurry and it all started when you splashed some sewer juice on your face OR opened a clean out and got a strong whiff of some unknown chemical smell.

: Also contact OSHA and explain your in the business for four weeks and didn't know about personal protection that the employer was supposed to have given you.

: Also If you have any drain cleaning chemicals on your truck look to see if you have an MSDS if not the disability lawyer would love to know this also.

: You can also state you cannot sleep after getting cut by the end of a snake and some thing in the sewer got into this open wound and now your scared and cant sleep and want a whole battery of testing and be monitored for YEARS as your breaking out in cold sweats at night that must be sewer related as 6 weeks ago you were fine

: If you play it right You can retire with in a few days of various exposures as there are all kinds of great water borne diseases out there THAT you were trained to know about in your 4 weeks being a TECH.

: Get a lawyers phone number and the local ADA as criminal neglect is a frowned upon in this country.

: You did attend weekly safety training sessions correct? Opps sorry I forgot your only doing it for four weeks Oh well live and learn and hope for the best.

: Sylvan.. Expert witness for several law firms.

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