Re: A slow bathtub drain
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on May 20, 2004 at 20:31:59:
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: I tried hand augering without success(with one of the rotating devices)a tub drain obtruction. I think it is 10-15 feet away (judging by #1-how long before drain clogs first thing in morning-not immediately and #2-amount of auger line in drain before hopeless resistance). Vigorous plunging in both directions with water in the tub and the overflow blocked does not help. I hate to pour chemicals down to reach a far-away point (might take quarts of it). Will an airgun(whatever that is) push out the mess? Any other ideas?

Try a Sears 5 or 6 HP wet dry through the tub shoe holding a wet rag over the over flow opening

If that doesnt work I use the Ram Jet BUT increase the pressure slightly starting off with about 20 pounds bnot to exceed 40 Again cover the over glow wear safety gargles etc.

If you have to snake go through the overflow with an erikson type wire as it is very flexible BUT must be used slowly in one direction then the other.

I would not use any wire larger then 1/4"

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