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Posted by Vince on May 20, 2004 at 08:29:40:
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At least you a big enough person to ask for help and advise.... and I'll will be tactful

Welcome to the world of the drain technician!

Your going to run into everything imaginable and then things you can not comprehend. These will be jobs performed by other technicians who recieved the same or less training than you have.

Do you know why they are called technicians instead of plumbers? Because the law defines a plumber and what work a plumber can do in the trade. A technician is just a loop hole to get around sending out people like yourself who have very limited knowledge, but can make money for the company. A plumber is a person who has demostrated a working history with an educational background that demostrats knowledge in plumbing, public health, safety, work related laws, and a code book several hundred page thick.

As for secrets, no, there are no shortcuts.

You are part of a growing trend in this country. A trend that allows a person to perform work that was historically performed by a tradesman and his rate of pay, by someone who for all practical purposes, is out to just make a buck. The American way, in it's finest glory. It doesn't matter that you do not know how things work or how they are built. You are the cheapest person the victim could find to do a job that needed to be done.

Try not to get hurt, when you do, state training as the reason and sue the hell out of them.

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