Undermounted sink pulled away from granite countertop
Posted by Ellen on May 19, 2004 at 21:03:40:
I read with interest a posting on April 3, 2004 regarding this same subject. In our case one of the clips came off. We called the original granite installer but he has not gotten back with us. I called a plumber and they said we needed a granite guy. Go figure. My husband built a support frame underneath the sink but we are not sure if we have to remove the sink entirely to re-caulk it or if we can just squirt some caulk in the areas where it has pulled away. I personally do not want to take out the clips that are there and take a chance when we put them back in that the granite might crack and also have to reattach plumbing. Since the sink has only pulled away under the faucet part can we just put caulk under that part, and install the wood brace underneath the sink? There are still 3 clips on both sides of the sink. Only the one on the back by the faucet fell off. These clips don't seem to be the best way to install such a heavy sink anyway. Please advise.