Re: Hot Water to the End of a Long Pipe Run
Posted by Jim DeBruycker on May 19, 2004 at 21:02:42:
In response to Re: Hot Water to the End of a Long Pipe Run
"Just Right" would seem that it would use more energy - it is essentially a constant convection loop. The Taco system only uses power when you ask for it. It probably costs more for the hardware than "Just Right". If I understand the "Just Right" system, you need to install a return line back. this could offset the cost of the h/w difference. I do not know, but this is my impression. I'm thinking of getting the D'Mand system installed and am open to suggestions. I have about 40' from the HW supply to the shower. In addition, the pipe appears to run next to the heating/ac ducts, andin the summer, the water can get quite cold, even though I've tried to seal and insulate both the pipes and ducts (hey, I didn't build it, I'm just trying to clean it up!). It can be hours between instances when I want or need hot water. In those cases, I'm willing to wait a moment for the pump to bring it around, so at least for me, this appears to be more feasible.


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